Gear Up To Get Started

Gear Up To Get Started

There are so many two wheel options out there - road, cruiser, mountain, fat bike, time trial - there’s bound to be one or two or more that makes its way into your life. Regardless of what style you ride, you need the right gear in order to be ready to go and to be ready for life on the road.  Here is our list of essentials.

Gear to make sure your bike is always ready to go

This list is pretty short but the pieces here only work if you use them and you use them consistently.  All the moving parts on your bike will last longer and work better if they are cleaned regularly and as needed and kept in good working order: 

  • Bike cleaner and degreaser
  • Bike cleaning tools - soft brush(es) and clothes

On The Go

Tire Inflation - A good quality floor pump has traditionally been our ‘go to’ for daily inflation but the new USB-chargeable mini compressors are a great option and they are so small, you can also take them on the road with you.

Flat Tire Repair Kit 

Unless you’ve already got a tubeless tire set up, flat tires are going to happen.  Here’s what you need to be fix them on the road:

  •          Replacement tube
  •          Inflation device - either mini-pump, CO2 cartridge & inflator, or mini-compressor
  •          Tire levers
  •          Patch kit 
  •          Mini-tool (optional)
  •          Bag to carry it all

Visibility Gear

You want to be seen on the road and you should be prepared for dim light conditions.

  • The list of basic things you need to consider for good visibility is short but each piece is important:
  • Front light with enough power for illumination in low light conditions.
  • Rear light for visibility
  • Reflective accents 

Gear To Keep You On Track

1. Simple solution - basic bike computer to measure speed and distance

2. Solution When You Want More Data 

This goes beyond basics but it’s becoming easier every year to stay connected wherever you go

- GPS bike computer

- Smart watch with cycling application