Spring Is In The Air:  Dress For The Weather So You Can Ride In Comfort & Safety

Spring Is In The Air: Dress For The Weather So You Can Ride In Comfort & Safety

We've all been here long enough to know that the beginning of spring doesn't necessarily mean that winter weather is entirely over.  But it is time to bring out the outside ride gear and make sure you are ready to go.  On a nice day, you want to be able to hit the road and get in some miles but temperatures can still be chilly and the road wont' always be dry.  Here's our list of the bits and pieces that make early season riding possible and fun:


1.  Jacket - For All Weather Protection

Look for a light-weight packable jacket with lots of high visibility features like reflective elements, bright colours, colour blocking or high contrast colours.  Our Reflective Cycling Jacket is a great option here. It will help keep the wind and rain in check while you ride in comfort and safely.  

2.  Vest

A lightweight packable vest is a no-brainer for any time of year.  They add a light layer of wind and water resistance for early seaon riding and then you can stow them in a pocket for any ride when you want to be prepared for anything that might crop up.  Like us, you usually check the weather before you ride but the forecast isn't always perfectly accurate.

3.  Armwarmers

It's time to dig them out from wherever you stowed them the last time you wore them in the fall. Or if you can't find a matching set, it might be time for a new set if you feel compelled to wear a matching pair (which isn't absolutely necessary and sometimes can become your own fashion statement)

4. Gloves

Regardless of the temperatures. gloves are also useful for cushioning your hands and relieving pressure points from gripping the bars on the road and for protecting your hands from branches and trees on the trails. Look for gloves with a snug but comfortable fit.  Many of them now have reflective accents to aid in overall visibility on the road.

5.  Booties and Shoe Covers

When my feet get cold and wet, I become quite miserable and won't be able to enjoy any ride, no matter how beautiful it can be. Don't be like grumpy me and waste a good opportunity to ride outside when the opportunity arises.


Every this great plan of organizing my gear and putting all my spring/fall gear in a dedicated spot in the fall so I can easily find it when I need it again in the spring and this year, I almost managed. I got a translucent storage bin from a big box store and put most of my jackets, warmers, gloves, base layers and stuff in it. Better yet, I actually put a label on the side of the box so I can easily tell what's in the box without pulling it down from the shelf. It wasn't that difficult and it will make things so much easier to get ready to ride outside.  Now, I'm ready to go anytime the weather meets my criteria.  Any day now!