Keepsakes, Giftware, Holiday

Keepsakes: Display Your Medals With Style

If you've ever participated in cycling, running or triathlon events, you likely have one or two or dozens of medals.  It's nice to get them but, when you get home, what do you do with them? I've got them all split between a few boxes but I have kept out a few special ones to display.  There are other options and we've got some of them here for you:  choose from individual medal display stands or wall mounted medal display holders.  Some options can be customized and some of them have some options you can choose from to suit you.  


Giftware: Daily Celebrations, Caffeination & Hydration

If there is one thing I use every single day, it is a mug. Whether it's being used for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or water, I always have one handy.  The right mug can help set the mood for the day, provide inspiration or remind us of some wonderful days spent behind bars in the best possible way.  And it can be a constant reminder to stay hydrated which is always a important.


Paper: Take Note!

Some of us still like paper and pen.  A notebook can be a handy spot to make some plans, make a list of just do some doodling.  Choose one of our cycling inspired design or reach out to us to get a custom cover.  They make great gifts or handy things to keep at your desk.  


Holiday: "Oh what fun it is to ride"

Check out our cycling inspired Christmas ornaments.  And many of them can also be customized for a special friend or family member to celebrate the year's accomplishments.  And for those who really like to dress for the season, we're bringing back some of our favourite Christmas themed jerseys.  Ho, Ho, Ho!