Bicycle Handlebar Basket and Pet Carrier

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The Bicycle Handlebar Basket is the perfect accessory for your bike. It carries all sorts of valuables such as wallets, phone, first aid supplies, and much more!

This is another great accessory to take small pets out for some fresh air.  Sure, it’s important to take your pets out for some regular exercise and a nice walk but when you want to enjoy an evening ride around your neighbourhood, your pets can join you for a spin. You know they’d rather spend time with you so this carrier is a great treat for them.  


  • Handlebar basket for MTB, sports bikes, etc.
  • Structured by 1 main compartment and 2 pouches
  • Comes with handle for easy carrying
  • Easy mount and quick release


  • Fabric: Mainly polyester
  • Lining: Polyester
  • Structure: 1 main compartment and 2 pouches
  • Capacity: Max. safety load 3KGS / 6.6lb.
  • Hand carry: handle belt
  • Closure: Quickset string
  • Mount on bike: handlebar
  • Mount: Bracket set by screws (enclosed)
  • Bag Release: Quick release
  • Bag Size: Please refer to the graphics below
  • Net weight: Approx. 760g / 1.67lb.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Bicycle Handlebar Basket

Customer Reviews

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would definitely get this if it had a bit of an umbrella as the direct sun can be too much for my little Bambi (only 7 lbs).