Bike Chain Cleaning Tool

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When you're looking for an easy, fast way to clean your bike chain, this tool is the ticket! It's highly effective at removing grease, grit, and grime. Plus, you NEVER have to get your hands dirty!

Bike Chain Cleaning Tool - Removes Grease, Grit & Grime In Seconds!

Cleaning your bike chain is an important part of caring for your bicycle. Our tool has made the process super easy! If you were to clean every nook and cranny of your bike chain by hand, you'd be stuck doing so all day! Our bike chain cleaner gets the job done in SECONDS with minimal mess!

Welcome to EFFORTLESS bike chain cleaning! It might not be as good as a great mechanic but at least it will help keep your bike cleaner between trips to the bike spa. Show your bike some love often!  


  • Stiff rotating bristles clean every nook and cranny of your bike chain
  • Quick & easy! Cleans your bike chain in seconds!
  • Helps your bicycle to work better
  • Equipped with a large residue reservoir to prevent redistribution of grease during cleaning
  • Suitable for all bike chains
  • No chain disassembly required
  • Designed with solid materials that are durable and long-lasting
  • Consistent use extends the life of your bike chain
  • Keeps grease off your hands
  • Lightweight & portable


  • 1x Bike Chain Cleaning Tool
  • Black brush set for rear cassette