BikeSafe Kit

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Get everything, or just about everything, you need in order to enhance your visibility and safety while you ride.  Obviously, we need different weights of clothing for different weather and this kit isn't intended to be an all-weather kit.  That's why we've only included a vest here.  The vest will allow air flow to keep you cool in hot weather and it can be added as an outer layer in cooler temperatures.  This is just the basics:  be seen and heard for your chance of being BikeSafe.


The Kit:

- Reflect vest - for all weather

- Front "see me" light - high power light with bright flash mode for high visibility even during  daylight hours.

- Rear smart brake light - 200 lumens for easy visibility in  all light conditions

Those three things alone are a great start and they also make a great gift for any new rider or any rider with new bike ('cause every bike needs a light, right?).  But we think we can help you out just even more.  With the BikeSafe kit, we throw in two free gifts, both of which are there to make you brighter and louder. Not only will you be seen, we'll help make sure you'll also be heard.  With BikeSafe kit, you'll also get two free add-on  gifts from us:  

- Bell (to make yourself) - to make yourself heard. This is a fast mount bell with a silicone bungee strap.  So simple to use, you don't need any tools to install.

- Reflective sticker kit - Choose your preferred colour (white,  yellow, pink, blue, orange, green).   This sticker sheet has more stickers than  many of us will need or want for just one bike so feel free to outfit a  second bike or even add a few to your helmet.  It's  on  us!


Gift with  purchase:  Reflective sticker kit. We think they're a great idea and you can use as many or as few as you like.  A little goes a long way as the reflective impact far exceeds the sticker's size. A few well-placed stickers can go along way to enhancing your visibility. You can add them to your bike, your helmet, your shoes.