Breathable Pet Carrier Backpack, For Cycling, Camping, Hiking

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OMG, we think this is the cutest thing ever!!   Now you can take your best friend with you wherever you go, on the trails, out for a stroll, in the woods for some back county camping.  And, it works great for taking your pet for a ride. Works for smaller dogs as well as cats.  Maybe not my cat (I'm sure I'd be shredded somewhere), but some cats do travel well.  

Last summer, on one of my bike commutes back home, I was just a few blocks from home when I came up behind a woman who had her little dog, some kind of terrier, in a backpack she had slung over her back. I was going a bit quicker than her and rang my bell before I passed her but I still startled her a little bit.  We got to a red light and had a chance to chat. She said that because of how high her dog was sitting, she couldn't shoulder check so, while she heard my bell, she really had no idea where I was until I was right beside her.  One of the great things about this carrier is that it situates your pet a little lower but still puts them in a safe spot. You can see around them and they have a good view of the world.  As well, this carrier is made of pet friendly, washable, breathable fabrics.  Alternately, you can carry your pet in front of you when you are just walking around so both of you can enjoy scenery and snuggles together.


This carrier is available in 2 sizes:  size small for pets 30-34 cm tall, size medium for pets 31-44 tall.