Charging Cable Bracelet - Never Lets Your Phone Die!

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Wear the power to charge your phone around your wrist! Our leather bracelet acts as a convenient USB charging cable for both iPhone and Android! You can say goodbye to long charging cables for good!

There are literally charging stations wherever you go, these days. From the mall to hospitals to work and back, you can easily charge your phone. Having our bracelet on makes the process even more convenient! The PU leather is durable and long-lasting. Regardless if you drop, bump, or smash it, the cable will still work. Plus, it looks great worn around your wrist!  


  • Quickly charges your phone via any USB port
  • Charging core is made from a tin-plated oxygen-free copper conductor. The gold-plated connectors make data transfer rates of up to 480Mbps!
  • Extremely fashionable and functional
  • Compatible with all Apple devices, android devices, type-c devices, etc.
  • Convenient curved plug design
  • Comfortable braided leather
  • Compact & portable design