Ride Safe Collection Jersey - with Reflective Sleeves

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High visibility apparel helps you stand out while on your bike.  Reflective accents offer the biggest impact with even when used in only small amounts.  Reflective applications can reduce the breathability of fabrics and clothing making them uncomfortable options in hot weather but this jersey is perfect for heat.  The reflective screening is limited to the sleeve and as a pattern only,  not an all-over cover print. Add the extra ventilation form the mesh side panels and you'll be able to keep your cool as much a possible.  Cool enough for even indoor training.    We have two versions of the jersey - one with a solid colour front and back for those who want a sleek, stealthy, more conservative look and one with a graphic print on the body of the jersey.  Both versions feature the same highly reflective print sleeve for a big impact no matter which one you choose.

"Safety is sexy" - Jimmy Fallon (ref: YouTube "Spit Take Roulette")

  • Milk Silk Performance Fabric feels cool to the touch
  • Breathable , quick dry fabric 
  • Highly reflective print on sleeves 
  • Sleeves are made of Italian MITI power band for comfort and a secure fit 
  • Reflective print visible even when you add a vest