Dog Lead Bike Attachment

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You've all seen people exercising their dog from a bike with the dog trotting along side. It really can be a great way to offer a bigger, more energetic dog a bit of a faster workout for those of us who dont' want to run or really aren't interesting in running every day or running as often as an athletic dog likes to run.  For a well-trained dog with a lot of energy, accompanying their humans on a bike ride is more than likely an absolutely joy.  For the human on the bike, it can be a tricky, even dangerous thing to manage. 

I'm sure I'm not the only one who knows someone who's had a problem, even a bad fall, when trying to safely maneuver a bike and a dog simultaneously.  This Dog Lead Bike Attachment holds the pet leash at a short distance from the bike, making is safer for both pet and rider.  If you have a well-trained dog who works well on a leash, this bike attachment lead can be a good option.  Obviously, caution needs to be exercised when deciding to try this kind of attachment.  


Lead attachment: adjustable for most standard diameter round posts

Size: approx. stick length 40cm, strap length 70cm