GPS Pet Tag - Waterproof Bluetooth Mini Tracker

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Peace of mind is priceless but, in this case, it doesn't have to cost a lot. 

When your pet wanders off in the off-leash area or wanders into the trees, that first moment when you realize you can't see them seem to last forever as panic sets in.  A quick search on your phone will pinpoint where they've wandered off to and you can breathe easy. 

So Many Uses

This detachable key tag is small enough to be added to anything, not just a pet collar.  

- Airport Parking.  I once wandered around the long rows of an airport parking lot for nearly half an hour towing both a suitcase and a bike case behind me.  I was so certain knew where my car was and I was pretty close but the lot was pretty big and "close" wasn't good enough to pinpoint it.  Next time I travel, I'm putting one of these in the car.

- Bags.  Now, you don't know me but it is a well-known fact in my house that I lose stuff all the time.  I'm putting one of these in all my important bags.

- People.  Drop on in a pocket or on a lace for anyone who wanders off that you'd like to keep tabs on. I can't tell you how many times I've lost my husband in Home Depot. Maybe he needs to give me a tracker he can connect to his phone as well.  


Product Specs

- IOS and Android compatible; ios7 or Android 4.4 or above to support Bluetooth 4.0 standard.

- BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy

- Two-way alarm

- Frequency range 2.402 - 2.480GHz

- Operating voltage 2.7-3.2V

- Operating environment -20c - +70C

-  requires 1X2032 battery (NOT INCLUDED)