Large Capacity Mini Power Bank - Catch a Wave of Power For Your Mobile Phone!

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This isn't just any power bank! Our power bank is a power source you can carry with you due to its small and portable size. It's made with durable and dependable materials that are built to last. Plus, it's wildly convenient! You can literally charge your phone from wherever you are!


  • STYLISH: Come sin 3 colors with an easy-to-see LED display
  • DISCREET: Introducing a very small density polymer battery to ensure that the volume is reduced by 35%. Our power bank is safe for airport security checkpoints
  • IMPORTED CHIPS: Super battery life, 2A fast charging, will not harm your phone. Motherboard upgrade, stable current charging, charging speed increased by 70%
  • PRACTICAL: Dual USB fast charging port that can charge multiple devices at the same time and suitable for charging various interfaces
  • DUAL LED LIGHTING FUNCTION: LED glare flashlight that can be turned on and off with the single push of a button