Smart Brake Light / Tail Light For Your Bike

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Finally!  This motion activated taillight brake light senses change deceleration and automatically signals when you are slowing down or braking.  It is the such a great idea for commuters or anyone who regularly rides with vehicle traffic.  Remember that lights of any kind will help improve your visibility on the road. As well, something dynamic or changing can also enhance visibility so the reactive changing nature of this light makes this one a great option that does double duty.

We've added this light to our "BikeSafe" collection (so you can get your full visibility kit in one bundle) but you can also buy it here on its own. This light has a full 100 lumen power output which gives you high visibility and contrast in dusk and dark light. If you want more visibility for daytime, we recommend our "SeeMe" light of 200 lumens. 


- USB Chargeable 

- lightweight at 56g

- waterproof casing for all-weather functionality

- 500 mAh battery 

- multiple run/flash modes

- 22 to 50 hours run time between charges, depending on light/flash mode