Mini Muscle Massage Gun for Pain Relief, Relaxation, Myofascial Release and Recovery

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You're going to love this one - it is small and quiet but is still functional and effective. And we love the great colour options aren't just stylish and appealing but it makes your device stand out and be easy to find. We've got this mini massager at such a great price right now, less than the cost of a one hour salon treatment.   They make great gifts to, for the athlete you know who seems to have everything.  

Choose from four different massage heads to get the custom treatment you're looking for, on your time, in the convenience of your own space.  

You can now get relief from aches and pains from long hours spent working at a computer desk, tight muscles from your latest workout, relieve stress from a repetitive strain or position.  If you've had regular salon massage treatments, you know how great they can be but you have to plan them in advance and commute to get to them. With your own mini-massage device, you can get relief any time you need it.