Multi-Functional Bike Repair Tool

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This amazing Multi-Functional Bike Repair Tool is just what you need to repair your bike without hassle :)

It comes with a sturdy design do to high-quality parts and materials.

Keep this multi-tool handy in your bike saddle bag so you are prepared in case you have to make minor repairs or adjustments along your ride.  For at home repairs, you'll always know where to find it if you keep it safely stored with your bike.  And, while you might think colour doesn't matter for something like this, we do like the colour option - a contrast colour like this blue can be easier to find when you are searching for it. 

At just $29.95, this Multi-Functional Bike Repair Tool is great value at this price.


  • Color: Blue or Black
  • Size: About 4 x 7cm / 1.57 x 2.75in 
  • Weight: About 173g

Tool Includes:

  1. Chain cutter
  2. Hexagon wrench 5mm
  3. Hexagon wrench 2.5mm
  4. Hexagon wrench 2mm
  5. Hexagon wrench 4mm
  6. Straight screwdriver
  7. Hexagon wrench
  8. Hexagon wrench 3mm
  9. Hexagon wrench 5mm
  10. Cross screwdriver