Pet Travel Backpack With Mesh Top Closure - For Comfortable Secure Travel For Small Pets

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We love this one for travelling, hiking, strolling with our best friends.  The zip-top mesh closure allows for maximum ventilation for your pet while still giving them a view while you're on the go.   As much as we love the Open Top Pet Carrier, we have cats and I just don't trust at least one of them (Eddie) to find a way to escape. He is very crafty when he is determined.  But he does love being outside and this carrier allows us to take him outside for a nice walk or hike and we can be confident that he is safe.  We can't wait until spring to take him out again.  

Handy side pockets allow you to carry essentials like water bottle feeder, collapsible bowl, leashes, litter bags - everything you need for you and your pet.


When we first discovered and listed this carrier, it was winter here but I added pictures of our two boys here in hopes that summer pictures would soon follow.   Now that winter is over, I've taken our tabby, Eddie, out a few times and have now added pics of him enjoying his carrier.  He is 100% an indoor cat but he enjoys bird-watching and other outdoor sights.  He is borderline big for this carrier and our other cat, Nairo, is even a bit bigger. We haven't been able to encourage Nairo to go into the carrier peacefully yet but we will try with him again.  We don't want to stress him out.  He might be just too big, though.   For reference, Eddie is about 11.5lbs or 5.2kg. 


100% Brand New And High Quality
Material: Polyester
S size Bag size: 33x30x24 centimeters, bag weight 0.52 kg, pets within 3 kg
L size bag size: 45x36x31 centimeters, bag weight 0.72 kg, recommended for use within 13 kg

Bottom length, width and height: 31*25*35cm
Shoulder strap length and width: 70*6cm
Error about 1cm

(Conversion:1inch=2.54cm,  1cm=0.393inches)

Comment on colour / shade: Please note that due to lighting and monitor variations, there can  be slight differences in the colour tone of the website's photo and the actual item.