Pet Travel Bottle and Bowl Set - 2 in 1 Dual Chamber Bottle with Bowls

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This is the complete set that will carry food and water for your pet.  When you stop for a picnic, your pet can enjoy their favourite snack too.  

This complete set comes with two collapsible silicone bowls but you can also purchase the bowl by itself, without the serving bottle.

 The dual chamber bottle allows you to carry pet food and water both for your pet without having to carry or remember two separate containers. It is portable, convenient and hygienic.


Material: PP material, folding bowl: TPE plastic.  BPA free.
Size: Cup: 23cm high and 11cm in diameter, bowl height is 5.5cm and bowl mouth is 13cm in diameter
Capacity: 350ml of water, 250g of grain
Weight: cup 190g cup + single bowl 250g cup + double bowl 310g
Box size: cup: 59*40*47cm; folding bowl: 60*27*29.5CM. Box container one bottle and 2 collapsible bowls
The pet water and food dual-purpose cup effectively solves the problem of drinking and feeding when taking your pet out of the house. It is portable, clean and hygienic.