Signal Backpack - Cycling Backpack with Wireless Remote Control LED Signal Light

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Perfect for students and commuters, this LED signal light backpack offers convenience as well as enhanced visibility and safety on the road. 

The LED signal indicator mounts on your handlebars and allows for handsfree signalling for turns, stops as well as steady state ride mode. 

15 litre capacity offers enough space for a laptop and a quick change of clothes.  It is ultralightweight as well so, even if you don't have much gear to tow, it's great to throw on for a quick ride:  you'll hardly notice it's there but drivers on the road are more likely to notice you.    

As ideal as this backpack is for cycling, it is also suitable for camping, hiking or other outdoor leisure adventures you find yourself engaging in. When you aren't riding, there's still lots of life to live, right?  



1. Backpack with built-in turn signal;
2. Easy mount wireless remote control for signalling;
3. Large area warning: improve night safety level.

Main material: Polyester
Product color: Black, Grey, Yellow
Product size: about 400x250x150mm/15.75*9.84*5.9in
Net weight: About 260g
Capacity: 15L
Backpack battery: USB rechargeable built in 500mAh lithium battery
Bar mount remote control battery: 2 * CR2032 button battery