Streamlined Reflective LED Vest for Cycling, Running, Skiing

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Safety and visibility while riding or running in higher traffic area is always important. Unfortunately, so many of the available over-vests or jackets with highly reflective accents just aren't great to wear:

  • Things that prevent us from wearing safety clothing while riding:
  • They are bulky and oversized.
  • They are made out of durable, nylon fabrics that trap heat and make you hot.
  • The fabrics aren't soft and can scratch your skin and damage your clothes.
  • They catch air and cause drag while you ride.
  • You don't wear them as often as you should because you don't like them.
  • It covers up your kit and sometimes you like to have your kit visible.

If you don't wear them, they're just a waste money and haven't helped you at all. 


That's why we like this minimalist, streamlined vest. It is more of a harness and the fit is highly adjustable.

  • There is no bulk where you don't need it. 
  • Less bulk and better fit means less drag.
  • Less bulk means better air flow and better breathability.
  • Adjustable fit means you can minimize chafing to your skin and clothing.
  • Less bulk also allows your kit to be seen.  
  • Optional bands can be used on arms or ankles with or without the vest.  The bands are a great option for runners too.


This is just one high visibility option that we offer and this vest is ideal for riding on roadways, casual riding and  commuting,

If this vest doesn't quite fit the bill for your needs, other pieces you might consider are:

  • Minimalist Reflect Vest.  If you don't want or need a vest with an LED light or you want make sure you have something 100% washable, the Minimalist Reflect vest is a good option. This piece is also really good for running in the dark or in winter.
  • Lightweight Mesh-back Vest - In some weather conditions (ie when it is slightly cooler outside), an extra layer to block some wind or cooler air is desirable. If you get warm, you can always unzip the vest and let it flow around you or you can stash it in a pocket.
  • Reflective Backpack  - If you are riding with a backpack (ie when commuting to work), the most if not all of the reflective accents on a vest will be covered up.  

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would appreciate this information not written in here

Good with motorcycle over your leather jackets

I think it would be great besides wearing for someone that just rides his or her bike, but use it for riding on a motorcycle too, over your leather, or walking on the side of the road, so traffic can see you.

Terry Sadler
How long do you havevto wait for delivery?

How long do I have to wait for delivery