Wireless Bike LED Rear Signal Lights - Stay Safer While You Ride!

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Unfortunately, cycling accidents happen everyday and they are typically caused by motorists not seeing people on their bikes. That's why we created Wireless Bike LED Rear Signal Lights. These lights help you to always be seen while cycling on the road, even in the dark or during foggy weather. Plus, our lights yell out "stop" when a vehicle gets too close!


  • Intelligent LED Lights – It alerts other riders and motorists behind you by giving visible directional signals, informing them whether you'll be taking a left or right turn
  • Laser Lights - Our 15 lumen laser lights are extremely bright and give an extra layer of protection when cycling at night
  • Remote Controlled – Our lights are conveniently controlled by remote and can change signals on a whim during emergency situations
  • Rechargeable – The battery life of the lights is between 40 to 60 hours with its built-in 3.7V 650mAh Li-ion PLUS
  • Waterproof – These lights will work in rain or shine. They are insanely durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to Install – Can be mounted to any bicycle simply by adjusting its straps with a screw and bracket


  1. Press and hold the indicator’s switch to turn your LED lights on
  2. Press and hold once to activate remote control systems
  3. Click on the remote control pair system
  4. Turn up the steering switch
  5. Turn left (your indicator flashes left)
  6. Turn right (your indicator flashes right)
  7. Press and hold on the switch button to turn off


  • Battery: Wireless Remote Bicycle Light use 2*AAA (not included)
  • Wireless Remote use 1*CR2032 (included)


  • 1 x Wireless Bike LED Rear Signal Lights